Executive Team

Joe Cummings is the founder and principal owner of Bruv Ventures, LLC.  The purpose of this LLC is to provide a platform for investments and economically viable entities, which includes growth potential.

Academically, Joe has a bachelor’s degree in finance – wealth management and a minor in international business studies from Coastal Carolina University. He has worked in the real estate and wealth management sector in London and New York City.

Bruv Ventures relies upon his quantitative analytical skills in deploying its financial resources. He also is a licensed SC realtor and uses his real estate experience in finding the best opportunities for investing in real estate.

Joe takes pride in having traveled to 40 countries and counting across North America, South America, Europe and Asia. When he isn’t traveling the world or working on real estate projects, you can find him at the beach, boating, fishing, golfing or cooking BBQ.

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